About Us

Tri-County Farm and Ranch Supply, Inc., joined the Forschler business group in February, 2017. Tri-County Farm and Ranch takes pride in providing quality services and products for the local cattle and hay producers, farmers, ranchers, loggers, agricultural and horticulture communities, pet owners, businesses and homeowners. From tractors to chainsaws, vet supplies to pet food, we utilize our expertise in these areas to buy the right products at a price you expect to pay for quality. And if there are times we miss the mark, we are grateful to hear from our customers so we can see where we can make improvements. We will not always be the least expensive, but we carry products we can stand behind. We know that between ease of transportation and the internet, you have so many more options of where to buy than ever before. Therefore, we are truly blessed and grateful for your business and support of our little spot here in Ash Flat, Arkansas.